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EastCoastHondaClub WebSite.Forum situation

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1EastCoastHondaClub WebSite.Forum situation Empty EastCoastHondaClub WebSite.Forum situation on Wed Dec 17, 2008 12:00 pm

Ok, so we have officially got an "EastCoastHondaClub.com" domain now and i will be building the site over the next week or so before we launch it and i plan to link this forum directly to it so that you dont have to type in that .forumotion.com crap anymore..

just giving everyone the heads up Very Happy

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want to hurry that up a bit?

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lol...so my post count wont go anywhere right? lol j/k

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SLaMMeD RsX 12 wrote:lol...so my post count wont go anywhere right? lol j/k

haha, dont worry, your post count is safe

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if you need any help i'll give you a hand. like setting up a forum thru your mysql or whatever you need. if you setup your own forum thru whatever website service you are going to use the forum would be eastcoasthondaclub.com/forum or whatever you would want rather than forumotion.com. i used a free forum at 1st then switched and i'm glad i did. i have my own site, 4th-gen-civic.com so i'm pretty good with all this stuff.

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